Unique and individually adjustable high speed toner cartridges cleaning machines for the automatic cleaning of laser cartridges

Development of efficient high speed toner cartridges cleaning machines and automatic toner cartridges recycling solutions while minimizing noise impacts and issuance of toner dust that could endanger the health of workers.

TurboCleanTM  Products

High speed toner cleaning machines for the automatic cleaning of laser cartridges and parts, 6-30 times faster than conventional cleaning methods, for virtually all remanufactured toner cartridges. The high speed toner cleaning systems TurboCleanTM, automatic toner cartridges cleaning machines, clean the remanufactured toner cartridges and parts with the greatest care. The TurboCleanTM cleaning machines for remanufactured laser cartridges guarantee  the highest degree of cleanliness and productivity at the same time.

The TurboCleanTM can be supplied ready for connection.

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The TurboCleanTM high speed toner cartridges cleaning systems were designed to clean toner cartridges, mag-rollers and little parts. The patented air blow and vacuum system cleans the cartridges better than any operator in a normal production environment. An ingenious ionization system eliminates any static charges and thereby helps to clean the parts even more. The TurboCleanTM high speed toner cleaning machines work with very high airflow and low pressure, compared to traditional cleaning methods, and ensure gentle cleaning for critical parts with the highest degree of cleanliness. The TurboCleanTM automatic toner cleaning systems for the automatic cleaning of toner cartridges combine high speed cleaning, quality and a rapid return on invest (ROI) with an economical and innovative design.

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Futor Cleaning System AG, manufacturer of automatic toner cartridges cleaning machines and toner cartridges recycling systems,  was founded in 2002 due to the ever-increasing need and for more efficient laser cartridge cleaning methods. When it comes to toner cartridges recycling machines or to clean laser cartridges, you have come to the right address.

Whether you process 2’000 or 100’000 toner cartridges per month, we have a TurboCleanTM model that meets for your needs.

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