TurboClean™ 1350/1500/1800

The TurboClean™ 1350/1500/1800 compact and fully enclosed High-Speed cleaning systems for toner cartridges were developed for the cleaning of toner cartridges, mag-rollers, little parts etc…

The compact and fully enclosed design of the TurboClean™ 1350/1500/1800, toner cartridges cleaning machines,  allows easy implementation in all production areas and 100% guaranteed no toner dust contamination with minimal noise emissions (70dB).

Early 2016, the whole concept of our automatic toner cartridges cleaning machines has been revised. Here are the highlights:

  • New cleaning chamber with sloping walls. All the toner is guided by this new construction to 100% directly to the suction (cleaning no longer necessary)
  • Adjustable height of the cleaning nozzles (no additional tool required)
  • Basket carrier with 4 guides and mechanical torque load limit
  • Touch screen controls with 20 programs
  • Vibrator to increase the cartridge emptying and cleaning (optional)
  • Adjustable pressure conditions (70% down, 30% above). The program for toner-kit and Kyocera cartridges first empty the tanks and then increases the pressure of over 50%, to achieve a higher degree of cleanliness (optional)
Turboclean 1350/1500/1800 more efficient laser cartridges cleaning methods while minimizing noise impacts and issuance of toner dust that could endanger the health of workers