We are Futor Cleaning System AG

Futor Cleaning System AG, manufacturer of High Speed toner cartridges cleaning and emptying machines, was founded in 2002, due to the ever-increasing need and for more efficient and productivity for laser cartridge cleaning and emptying methods while minimizing noise impacts and issuance of toner dust that could endanger the health of workers.

Futor Cleaning System AG, manufacturer of automatic toner cartridges cleaning machines,  has solved the complex problem of accommodating virtually all types and sizes of cartridges and their components by developing a unique and individually adjustable cleaning system – The TurboClean™ 2000. This patented concept is based on an automated system that combines high speed cleaning, quality, considerable reduction in handling and fast return on investment (ROI).

The TurboClean™ series 250K, 300M, 1350, 1500 and 1800 Revo, automatic toner emptying and cleaning machines, have been upgraded to include highly compressed air free of any static charge and perfectly complement the TurboClean™ 2000.

We now offer a complete range of automatics cleaning and emptying systems, suitable for all OEM, Remanufacturers and Collectors, large and small. Whether you process 2’000 or 300’000 toner cartridges per month, we have a TurboClean™ model that meets for your needs.

The TurboClean™ machines significantly increases the quality of the work environment by reducing the toner dust emission (-99%), the noise level (-40%) and the handling (-30%) when compared to traditional cleaning methods.

Futor Cleaning System AG also offers a complete set of stat of the art stationary and central suction and filtering systems that were specifically developed for toner remanufacturing. Capacities range from 3500 to 20000 m3/hour (123’600 to 706’000 ft3/h).

All our product line can be delivered with ATEX Certification (ATEX directive 2014/34/EU, EX 2 II D). Our TurboClean™ automatic toner cartridge cleaning and emptying machines are manufactured in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and Safety of Machinery ISO 12100.