Clean printer cartridges with TurboClean™ 2000

The TurboClean™ 2000 high speed toner cartridges cleaning machine is designed to clean toner cartridges and their components, mag rollers and little parts.

Cleaning machine highlights

  • Very high productivity (8-30 faster)
  • Very high and constant degree of cleanliness
  • Reduction of handling (-40%)
  • Reduction of toner contamination (-99%)
  • Reduction of noise emissions (-30%)
  • Disassembly of the cartridges directly on the machine for optimum production effectiveness (demounting table)
  • Adjustable height of the cleaning nozzles (no additional tools necessary)
  • Adjustable pressure ratios (top / bottom) to achieve an even higher degree of cleaning
  • FCS 15 HMI touch screen with graphical display (monitoring and quick diagnostics)
    Cleaning drawer in inlet / outlet for quick cleaning


Cleaning technique

The modular design allows adaptation to the required capacities depending on the number of modules used. The TurboClean™ 2000, high-performance toner cartridge cleaning machine can process thousands of cartridges per hour.

The patented combination of blowing elements (side channel compressor and air pressure units), adjustable air nozzles without any static charge and an industrial dust extraction unit guarantee the highest degree of cleanliness.

The TurboClean ™ 2000 toner cleaning machines clean the toner cartridges with very high air volume and pressure compared to conventional cleaning methods, offering gentle cleaning with the highest level of toner cartridge cleaning and components.

The configuration of the entire TurboClean™ 2000 cleaning system can be adapted to the specific requirements of Recyclers and Collectors of used toner cartridges.

The TurboClean™ 2000 automatic cleaning machines for remanufactured laser cartridges combine high cleaning speed, quality, significant reduction in handling and a fast return on investment (ROI).

Versions of different cleaning machines for printer cartridges

TurboCleanTM 2000 Collect 1 Module

TurboCleanTM 2000 Collect 1 module (high speed toner cartridges cleaning machine)

  • Typ: Collect 1 module
  • LxWxH: 5400 x 900 x 1800 mm (2600 mm with open door)
  • Power consumption: 20 kW
  • Capacity: 500-750 cartridges/hour
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TurboCleanTM 2000 Recycler 2 Modules

TurboCleanTM 2000 Recycler 2 modules (high speed laser cartridges cleaning machine)

  • Typ: Recycler 2 Modules
  • LxWxH: 7400 x 900 x 1800 mm (2600 mm with open door)
  • Power consumption: 28,4 kW
  • Capacity: 350-650 cartridges/hour
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TurboCleanTM 2000 Recycler 3 Modules

TurboCleanTM 2000 Recycler 3 modules (high speed printer cartridges cleaning system)

  • Typ: Recycler 3 Modules
  • LxWxH: 9.400 x 900x 1800 mm (2600 mm with open door)
  • Power consumption: 41,6 kW
  • Capacity: 450-850 cartridges/hour
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